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Please follow these instructions to connect the Oree Board to your device.

Once your Oree Board 2 is connected to a certain device, you can activate the OS specific keys for that device, using the following key combinations

  • Fn + 1 for Windows devices
  • Fn + 2 for Mac OS and iOS devices
  • Fn + 3 for Android devices

Troubleshooting FAQs

My keyboard won’t connect
  1. Please turn off your Orée Board and remove it from the Bluetooth menu of your device.
  2. Turn the Oree Board on again.
  3. Refer to the step-by-step instructions above and verify that:
    • a) You follow exactly the key sequence described in step 3
    • b) You don’t press the shift key when entering the numerical code
  4. If it still doesn’t connect, please try connecting your Board to another device (preferably smartphone or tablet) to verify whether the Board works properly with that new device. If so, there is most likely a conflict with the Bluetooth dongle or module of your first device. Please contact us on hello@oreeartisans.com and we’ll be happy to ship you our dongle to see if solves the problem.
  5. If after having gone through all of the above, the Board fails to connect on several devices, please contact us on hello@oreeartisans.com to organize a return to our workshop where we will replace its electronics.
Some keys are not working properly

If you notice that the two keys are swapped (the key directly below escape and the key located right of the left shift), press fn and key below escape to swap them back in order.

If some random keys are no longer working, the keyboard membrane may be damaged. We’ll have to inspect it at our workshop to repair or replace. Please contact us on hello@oreeartisans.com

Touch Slab

Please follow these instructions to connect the Oree Touch Slab to your device

Open the bluetooth settings on your computer.

Turn the Touch Slab on by pressing the connect button on the back for 1.5 seconds until the green light comes on.

Press the connect button again for another 3 seconds until the blue light flashes to pair it to your computer via bluetooth.

Use your keyboard to select the Oree Touch slab in your bluetooth settings and complete pairing.

To see the complete range of gestures the Touch Slab supports, please watch the video below.

Troubleshooting FAQs

+ I can’t get the gestures to work

Please make sure you’re using the fingerprint region of your fingers (not the tip or your nails). If you find the sensitivity to high or low, you can adjust the settings in the Bluetooth mouse settings (?)

+ What to do if you get an error message

Please delete the Touch Slab from your device in the Bluetooth menu and then re-pair it. If you still have problems please contact us on hello@oreeartisans.com

+ Touch Slab loses connection after a while

Please refer to this blog post to solve the issue


Please follow these instructions to connect the Pebble to your device

Plug the Oree Pebble into a power socket via the micro USB plug. Place your Qi enabled phone on top of the Pebble surface to start charging wirelessly. When the phone is charging the green light will be on.

For audio functionality to pair your phone with the Oree Pebble, click the button and the blue light should turn on. Find the Oree Pebble in your phone’s bluetooth settings. Pair the devices and start playing music. For handsfree calls simply make a call while your phone is paired to the Pebble.

Troubleshooting FAQs

My phone is not charging

Please verify that your phone is Qi compatible (link to Pebble FAQ) and in case of iPhone that you have the wireless charger receiver case.

Check the position of the phone on the Pebble. Usually the phone will charge if it’s placed so that the Pebble is touching the middle of the phone. Some phones have the circuit position at the lower part of the phone and in that case you should position the phone so that the Pebble is closer to the lower part of the phone.

If you’re hearing a beep from the Pebble, that means the position is not correct and the phone cannot charge. Reposition the phone so that the receiver coil is directly touching the Pebble surface.

My iPhone has an error message

It could be that your iPhone receiver case is defective. Please contact us on hello@oreeartisans.com and we’ll send you a replacement as soon as possible.