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Tutorials Stylograph

Welcome to the Stylograph user guide. We will help you enrich your paper content with a variety of digital features.


Before you use your Stylograph for the first time, recharge it for at least 30 minutes using the USB cable provided that you can plug into a computer or USB power adapter. Remember that the Stylograph has to be turned on for it to record your notes.


Download the Stylograph application on your mobile phone from here.

How to register the Stylograph

For the first bluetooth pairing, press the Stylograph button until you hear the second beep (typically 3 to 5 seconds after you start pressing). The light should flash.

How to connect the Stylograph

Open the Stylograph application and tap on the Stylograph icon. Hold the Stylograph pen next to your smartphone. The application will tell you when the pen has been paired successfully. If the pen fails to connect, please hold the pen closer to your smartphone and try again.

Changing colours & brushstrokes

To change the colour or size of your brushstroke, tap on the paintbrush icon in the application. Select your desired colour and/or brushstroke size. Continue writing on the paper and see your colourful creation in the application.

Sending an email

To send your sketch via email, simply tap on the paper airplane icon on the top center of the paper. The email will be drafted automatically.

Sharing your sketches

Tap the share icon in the top right hand corner of the application, select the format you want to share your sketch in and then select the application you want to use to share your file (email/ Google Drive/ whatsapp etc.)

Sharing multiple pages

If you want to share multiple pages at once, select the pages in the multipage view of the notebook section of the application and click share. Then select the format you want to share your sketches in and select the application you want to use to share your files (email/ Google Drive/ whatsapp etc.)